TouchPoints with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

TouchPoints with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Enhance Your Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with TouchPoints 

About TouchPoints 

Wearable versatility sets TouchPoints apart. Clinicians can easily incorporate them into therapy sessions by having clients wear them as comfortable wristbands, discreetly clipped to their clothing, or held in their hands. This adaptability ensures a seamless integration into various therapeutic approaches. 

How It Works 

TouchPoints use gentle vibrations to alter the body's stress response, helping clients manage anxiety, stress, and other emotional challenges. The wearable device can be adjusted to different settings, providing personalized experiences tailored to individual needs. 

Integration with CBT 

1. In-session Comfort:

  • Clients can wear TouchPoints during therapy sessions to enhance relaxation and focus. 
  • Discuss and set preferences with clients to customize their experience. 
2. Homework Assistance:
  • Encourage clients to use TouchPoints between sessions to reinforce coping strategies. 
  • Provide guidelines for incorporating TouchPoints into relaxation exercises and mindfulness practices. 
3. Behavioral Reinforcement:
  • Use TouchPoints as a tool to reinforce positive behavior outside of therapy. 
  • Discuss and track the impact of TouchPoints on mood and behavior during follow-up sessions. 

Research and Studies 

TouchPoints have been the subject of various studies exploring their effectiveness in managing stress and anxiety. Explore the science behind BLAST


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