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New Year, Better You with Healthy Thinking

New Year, Better You with Healthy Thinking

Your thoughts become your reality. If you are working on transforming yourself, becoming the best version of you – it must start with your thoughts. Healthy thinking is vital to your mind, your body, and your soul. Ensure you are keeping your mind in a positive place with these four tips to keeping your thoughts healthy throughout the day.

1. AM Affirmations

Start each and every day with AM affirmations. Outside of benefiting your healthy thoughts, affirmations help reduce negative thoughts, reduce stress and anxiety, motivate your actions, and help you moving towards your goals. Not only will you believe in yourself and the words your saying, but you will also feel a huge confidence boost. We suggest reciting your affirmations in the mirror before you get ready for the day.  Say these five everyday until you start as you begin your journey:

  • I am enough
  • I am confident
  • I am healthy
  • I am strong
  • I love focused

2. Positive Post-Its

Are you guilty of using negative speak when you make a mistake? Stop! Not only is it unhealthy, whatever you’re saying to yourself is likely untrue. Help yourself turn those negatives into positives by posting post-it’s around your workspace, your car, your bathroom and other frequented spots throughout your life. These post-it’s can be some of your favorite quotes – or reminders that you are in fact, a beautiful human. Start your day or week by creating new ones to keep the healthy thinking flowing.

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3. Brunch Brain Dump

Brain dumping is a great way to work through thoughts that are weighing you down. The best part of the brain dump activity? It doesn’t have to make sense – it just needs to get your negative thoughts out so you can make space for the many, many positive and healthy thoughts that you are so worthy of. Grab a journal, a notebook, or any piece of paper and let the words spill out on the paper.

4.Become a Glow Getter

Glow up your evening with a nighttime ritual of healthy thinking. Remember – what you think and what you ingest both have a direct impact on your lifestyle. Read books that make you feel good, stream shows that will boost your mind, listen to music that moves your mind and interact with people that are on the same level as you.

The journey to healthy thinking starts with you. If you want to think better about yourself and your situation, you must put in the work to ensure that you keep the negative out and the positive in. Find out what can help reduce your stress thoughts by taking our Personalized Stress Profile to help with all of the six dimensions of health.

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