Stress and Anxiety Don't Have to Slow Down your Dream

Stress and Anxiety Don't Have to Slow Down your Dream

Stress And Anxiety Don't Have To Slow Down Your Dream

What would you do if stress and anxiety no longer stopped you from achieving your dreams?

At the beginning of the year or month or week, you likely started off with a list of goals and accomplishments you hoped – or even dreamed – to achieve. Your momentum may have gone from 0 – 60, as you soared to the top of your productivity high, eagerly checking items off your list. But somewhere along the way, something stopped you. You went from an unstoppable space to an idle that you couldn’t accelerate yourself out of.

Stress and anxiety can become crippling. It can stop your body and mind in its tracks, quickly losing the steam that you worked so hard to build. And with it, your focus and mental health. And after a few days of funk, you climb yourself out, just to start the process all over again.

Sometimes, removing yourself from the triggering response can help. Stop, drop, do a bit of yoga. Take a couple of deep breaths. Go for a walk. Journal. The items on the self-care menu are endless. But let’s be straight, as much as those can aid in your journey to success, they don’t always hold the fast cure you so desperately yearn for. Those things need to be done regularly to be effective and while you should, it would also be a great relief to have a healthy, non-invasive way to help control your anxious thoughts and feelings.

There is.

Your anxiety and stress do not have to be a trend that stops you from focusing on your dreams. You can be unstoppable without the help of medication, self-help remedies or self-isolation. As you identify what triggers your stress and anxiety and takes you down from that speedway of success, you can also stop your body’s stress response in its tracks.    

TouchPoints for Calm are tech wearable devices that help to calm the body when facing an anxious or stressful situation. Used upon need, the user can take control of his or her anxiety by simply pressing a button to reduce stress and anxiety in as little as 30 seconds.

TouchPoints for Calm are designed to help you through those anxious and debilitating moments. As your body goes into a “fight or flight” response, you may go into stress mode. Reduce your body’s triggers using TouchPoints for Calm as a coping strategy.  Using a patent-pending BLAST (bi-lateral alternating stimulation-tactile technology), TouchPoints are scientifically proven to alter your body’s response to stress and anxiety, significantly impacting your performance and over-all health. Research-proven, data shows that users feel a 74% reduction in stress levels and 68% reduction in body sensations related to stress within thirty seconds of using TouchPoints. Used in correlation with other coping elements, TouchPoints can help you take control of your anxiety.

Not only do TouchPoints help reduce your stress and anxiety triggers, they also help your brain to focus. Using gentle, haptic, micro-vibrations to alter the brain’s stress patterns and bring you back to logical, rational thinking which allows you to think more clearly and focus on the task at hand. Your brain doesn’t have to shut down anymore, you can genuinely become unstoppable by putting your brain at its optimal performance. At the touch of a button, TouchPoints BLAST technology promotes this homeostasis by ensuring that you stay in that peak point between good and bad stress.

Change your life. Achieve your dreams and become unstoppable with Ben Angel and TouchPoints for Calm.

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