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8 Houseplants to Calm Your Mind

8 Houseplants to Calm Your Mind

Nothing quite like having a house plant to foster feelings of serenity. The pandemic has helped house plants in having their much deserved moment in the sun (pun-intended). Tap into your plant parent skills with our top house plants to help calm your mind. 


house plants to help calm your mind



The lavender plant lowers stress rates and has been used in medicine for years to calm mind and aid in depression. 


A lovely and beautiful smell, Jasmine has been found to calm the nervous system similarly to Valium.


Not only is aloe good for your skin and hair health, it also aids in purifying air and emitting oxygen to help you sleep more soundly.

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Pothos is one of the easiest plants to care for, increasing your self-satisfaction and well-being. Potos also works to increase oxygen levels in your home.

Snake Plant

Per a Clean Air Study conducted by NASA, the Snake Plant clears the air of 107 toxins while also emitting large amounts of oxygen, helping you breathe better. Snake Plants also help you feel more energized and ease the pain of headaches.

Arceca Palm

The Arceca Palm purifies your air and adding moisture into the air. In turn, breathing in the clear air created from the Areca Palm will assist in lowering anxiety and blood pressure.

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As you breathe in the aroma of Peppermint, you will likely feel more alert and ready to take on your day. Add Peppermint to your bath to feel the positive effects of the plants menthol, instantly relaxing muscles and the mind.


Not just a tea, chamomile can easily be grown in your backyard garden. Used to reduce inflammation and aid in sleep, it also has a beautiful flower for your floral arrangement.  



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