6 Dimensions of Health: Mindfulness

6 Dimensions of Health: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. You may feel like you are present of each moment, but how often do you find yourself arriving to a destination without remembering how you got there? Doing dishes without scrubbing a single thing?  Raise your lifestyle by being more mindful in every moment. 


What is Mindfulness?

There are three components to being mindful. One is intention, second is attention and third is attitude. You must first start with the intention to be mindful to start your practice. From there, you must pay attention to what your mind and body are telling you. Drown out the noise, the distraction and the multi-tasking. Focus on one thing and one thing only and that is being present in the current moment. From there, keep a positive attitude to attract the place you want your mind and body to go. Pay attention to the attitudes you have throughout the day, so you can bring more positivity into your healthy lifestyle.

Why Do You Need Mindfulness?

The overarching need for mindfulness is to be present. You are missing so much of your day by allowing your thoughts to be scattered around your brain like litter. Pick up the pieces and instead, focus on one thing and one task and one moment at a time. Not only will mindfulness lower your stress levels but allow you to be more productive! Practicing mindfulness will increase your focus while also limiting your distractions.

Mindfulness will also aid in all the other five dimensions of a healthy lifestyle. By calming your mind, you will fall asleep easier and on a more regulated basis. Mindful eating will help you to focus on the nutrients you are taking into your body, while also consuming less calories as you focus on each tasty and nutritious bite. When you focus on your breath instead of the exercise, you are likely to complete workouts rather than dreading the physical exertion. Your relationships will improve, as you are mindful of what the other person is saying rather than thinking of yourself in reference to the conversation. And lastly, your overall all thinking will improve into a healthy, more positive light.

7 Steps to Mindfulness

  1. Mindful Breathing

    Take one minute to focus on your breath. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  2. Awareness

    Be aware of your surroundings and your activities. How does it make you feel? What sensations are in your body? Can you improve or are you satisfied in this space?
  3. Self-Acceptance

    Accept who you are and where you are in the universe. Look in the mirror each morning to affirm your health, your beauty and your intelligence.
  4. One Task Focus

    Instead of juggling multiple things on your to-do list, instead fully invest in one task. Focus only on what’s in front of you and taking each step to reach your end goal.
  5. Daily Journaling

    End each day with a list of gratitude. What made you thankful for your life today? What made you appreciate who and where you are?
  6. Meditation

    Find a calming, relaxing space in a comfortable position. You do not have to be cross-legged, but this may be an easy way to start. Close your eyes. Picture a pleasant place and focus on that place. Clear your mind and allow yourself to just breathe.
  7. Turn Off Distractions

    Turn off the phone, turn off the computer, the tv, the noise. Be in quiet for 5 minutes with no expectations.


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