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Critical Counseling & Wearable Stress-Relief Devices Working Hand-In-Hand to Help Highland Park Community Families & Children

Critical Counseling & Wearable Stress-Relief Devices Working Hand-In-Hand to Help Highland Park Community Families & Children

Phoenix, AZ – TouchPoint Solution announces the donation of stress-relieving wearable devices to the Highland Park, Illinois counseling community in response to the Independence Day shooting. The Touch of Hope scholarship fund is providing free neuroscientific devices to anxiety specialists and trauma counselors in an effort to provide fast relief from stress to families impacted by the tragedy and experiencing stress triggered by the recent act of violence at the July 4th parade in the Chicago suburb. 

“It’s incredibly difficult to once again address a mass shooting, but we are here for families and individuals that need to reach out to trauma counselors for help. The needs are real and long-term, and we know there is no ability to heal without asking for help,” said Vicki Mayo, CEO of TouchPoint. “If we can support the specialists counseling victims, victims’ families, and the community in our small way by offering some form of stress relief, TouchPoint is here to provide a solution.”

Seven people were killed and dozens more were wounded during a Fourth of July celebration in Highland Park, IL, one of several deadly shootings across the country on the holiday. In response, TouchPoints were immediately sent to community counselors, including Brenda Marwede, Founder of the Professional Family Solutions in Gurnee, Ill.

“As the community is currently dealing with the immediate shock of this horrific violence, we’re addressing anxiety and sleeplessness, a typical immediate acute response in a grave situation like this,” said Brenda Marwede, MA, LCPC, CIMHP. “The stress-relief that TouchPoints wearables can provide is a welcome tool in our counseling tool box when dealing with the profound grief that a mass shooting incident like this can exacerbate.”

TouchPoints wearable devices provide a safe, effective at-home treatment that works especially well when paired with a counseling plan. TouchPoint uses a patented method leveraging advances in neuroscience and technology to directly affect the body’s biological mechanism by altering the body’s natural stress response and keeping users in a calm state of mind in as little as 30 seconds; consequently, utilizing the most effective treatment to support and inoculate against PTSD. 

TouchPoints are based on a pre-established, effective component of PTSD therapy that a team of neuropsychologists sought to provide to consumers as a real-time solution outside of their clinical appointments. Users are advised to include TouchPoints as part of a comprehensive treatment plan as a consumer product adjunct to treatment, including managing panic attacks.

To receive a complementary set of TouchPoints, Highland Park families and community members are invited to email the company at

About TouchPoints

TouchPoints work by altering the body's stress response with patented scientifically-proven BLAST (Bi-lateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile) technology. BLAST uses gentle, alternating vibrations on each side of the body to shift your brain from your default "fight or flight" response to your calm and in-control response. Over time, TouchPoints retrains your body, creating new behavior patterns that lessen the negative impacts of stress. 

Analysis from TouchPoints users showed that within just 30 seconds of using TouchPoints, people experienced an over 70% reduction in their stress levels and a 68% reduction in body sensations related to stress. 

TouchPoints are non-invasive and safe for use by adults and kids to relieve stress without drugs or side effects.

For studies, data, and a step-by-step guide how to use TouchPoint, visit:

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