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*This post was written by Stephanie Pass.

I was provided a set of TouchPoints to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

I don’t know anyone who is NOT stressed out with all that is going on in the world right now. We’ve been making final decisions on the kids’ schooling these past few weeks, and it is totally stressing me out. All of us are stressed out about how life has completely changed.

A stressed out mom with her son while she's on the phone.

Stress can really impact your life, including physically. It can make your head hurt, it can disrupt your sleep, it can affect concentration and focus, and more. It can even make you go into that “fight or flight” feeling response. But, I’ve found something that works wonders on your stress and more.

TouchPoints can reduce stress.

They’re called TouchPoints. They are little wearable devices that use patent-pending BLAST (bi-lateral alternating stimulation-tactile technology). You wear two of them and they switch off on vibrating between the two.

These vibrations help release stress by shifting from one brain area to another to create new behavior patterns, and over time it lessens your reactions to stress. This can be life changing!

They have been scientifically proven to alter your body’s “fight or flight” response caused by stress. Check out some of their research.

Not only are TouchPoints for stress, but they’ve also found that they help with sleep and focus as well as other things, too.

Who can use TouchPoints?

Both adults and kids!

Initially, I got our TouchPoints for my husband. He is very sensitive to stress. It makes him easily frustrated. His sleep patterns get disrupted, and his concentration is really affected. He also has trouble focusing due to his lifelong struggle with ADHD.

They have three different speeds to choose the vibration level, and each speed is a different color:

  • slow
  • medium
  • fast

While they are in use, they are very quiet and sound like a vibrating cell phone. We did not find the noise distracting, but if you do, you can put them in your hands or in your socks, or they even have zipper sweatbands to use as well.

The TouchPoint wearables with the cable, box, and drawstring bag.

What do you get with TouchPoints?

  • 2 TouchPoints™ to be worn on either side of the body
  • 2 wristbands or zipped bands 
  • Dual-pronged charging cable
  • linen carrybag
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Our TouchPoints Experience

When the TouchPoints arrived, I immediately showed him the website and how I think they could help him with stress and focus. He is very open to trying things, so he was excited to try them out.

The TouchPoints are so easy to set up. They are small square devices. I plugged them into the cables and charged them for a few hours.

You can wear them with the watch bands that come with them on your wrists, or you can hold them in your palms, or even put them in your socks. It takes just a second to pair them and start them.

How are we are using TouchPoints?

He chose the wrist version and the lowest speed. We easily popped them onto the watch bands, and he paired them instantly and started using them.

A man's hands and wrists wearing the TouchPoints.


He really likes to use them while listening to guided meditation. In the morning, he puts them on, starts his meditation app on his phone, and sits alone for about 15 minutes while they do their magic.

He was surprised and could feel them working. His stress levels were dissipating just in the first use.

He is not sure if they have helped him concentrate and focus better. But, I saw a difference in his focus and concentration. Right now he works from home, and his job can sometimes be a very boring struggle for him. Sometimes, he’s worked until 7-8 pm at night to get everything done because he just can’t focus.

Since he’s starting using the TouchPoints, he has stayed on task and been able to finish his job by 3-4 PM in the afternoon. I could not believe it.

I was skeptical.

How could some vibrating little wearables do anything for stress? I was pleasantly surprised at my husband’s response, but I was sure this would never work for me. In fact, I though putting on the TouchPoints and dealing with the alternating vibrations for 20 minutes was going to drive me crazy.

I was so wrong!

Just a few seconds into starting the vibrations, I could literally feel the calmness coming over me. I can only describe it as mesmerizing. It wasn’t irritating to wear them at all. It was just so nice. As a busy mom of 4, it was so nice to sit back and just feel relaxation wash over me.

TouchPoints work in seconds!

These little wearables aren’t just for daily prevention. You can use them whenever you feel triggered by stress, having trouble sleeping, even if you notice you need help focusing, and more.

One set can work for your whole family. You don’t need separate sets for each person. The slow, medium, and fast speeds are easily set when you turn them on, so whoever is using them can set what they like. They are a great tool for everyone in the family to feel less stress.

A close up of a man's wrist wearing a Touchpoint.

You can send them to school with your child to use when feeling stressed or overwhelmed. They even can help with a child feeling frustrated or having a temper tantrum and more. Check out all the uses in the TouchPoints Encyclopedia of Uses.

This article first appeared on The Tiptoe Fairy in August 2020, by Stephanie Pass. To read the full article, click here.

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