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10 Stretches to do Before Bed to Help Sleep

10 Stretches to do Before Bed to Help Sleep

You've had a long day. It's time to unwind and drift off to sleep. But wait? You can't turn your mind off. No need to worry. Put your TouchPoints on to #pressanddestress while you do each of the following yoga poses for 60 seconds each to release your day's anxieties and drift off to dream land. 

10 Stretched to do Before Bed

  1. Seated
  2. Seated Forward Bend
  3. Hero Pose 
  4. Seated Butterfly Fold
  5. Child's Pose
  6. Knees to Chest
  7. Supine Spinal Twist (left and right)
  8. Camel post 
  9. Legs Up the Wall
  10. Corpse Pose





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