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Did You Know You Could Use EMDR Tappers for Sleep?

Did You Know You Could Use EMDR Tappers for Sleep?

Did You Know You Could Use EMDR Tappers for Sleep?

Most of us don’t dedicate time, effort or resource to sleep even though it is the single most time-consuming human activity, taking up roughly 1/3 of our lives. Just as our daily activity influences how we sleep, our sleep habits greatly impact our mood, productivity, and habits when we are awake. It’s important to get enough quality sleep at the right times to protect not only your mental and physical health but your overall safety and quality of life as well.

EMDR pulsers can help. It’s known that sleep requires relaxation and sometimes we’re too wound up to get calm. Bilateral stimulation devices can be used to divert the stress response and cause the body to shift into the parasympathetic nervous system, which results in clear thoughts and the experience of calm. This is the active rest and digest state that is needed to fall into dreamland.  

Can’t believe it? Check out this one case study that shows EMDR pulsers allow for sleep within 15 minutes & show an approximate 80% reduction in wakefulness in the middle of the night. One user even said that she “used to get four hours of broken sleep, the best [she] could expect” before using bilateral stimulation devices. Now, she’s down to a “solid seven hours” and stays asleep after falling (H. Whaley, TouchPoints bilateral stimulation device customer in Sedona, Az).

If you have difficulty with sleep, simply place tappers on either side of the body and wear 15 minutes before bedtime. When you begin feeling drowsy, turn the EMDR equipment off and fall into a restful sleep. (Note: It’s not a problem if you fall asleep with your EMDR pulsers on.) And if you tend to wake up in the middle of the night and cannot go back to bed, keep your tapper tools at bedside. When you happen to wake up, simply turn them back on bilaterally and repeat as used beforehand. The EMDR pulsers will help you sleep until it's time to start the next day.

Are you ready to start sleeping better? Give sleep a chance with TouchPoints bilateral stimulation device 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try EMDR tappers and experience restful sleep in the comfort of your own home!

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