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3 Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Glasses

3 Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Glasses

While 2020 has decreased a lot of things in our lives, there is one thing that it has increased – staring at our screens! Whether working from home or spending more time on screens to check in via Zoom or other methods, our eyes are being exposed to more blue light than ever before. Which is why blue light glasses have become a huge trend to many. But are they worth it? Certainly, and here are 3 benefits to wearing your blue light blockers.


Regulates Your Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythm is the body’s natural process that regulates sleep cycle. Based on our 24-hour internal clock, the circadian rhythm is largely dependent on the natural sunrise and set. Using natural outdoor light, the circadian rhythm tells the body when to wake and when it’s time to go to bed. But staring at screens all day can largely disrupt that rhythm. Blue light blocker’s help to block out the unnatural (blue) light exposure that can confuse your body into thinking that there is no time for rest.

Avoids Eye Strain

Our eyes are working harder than ever. As we stare at screens with little to no break, our eyes are exhausted! And blue light is not helping! From everything to dry eye, to headaches, to blurred vision, blue light has a large array of negative side effects. Including, loss of vision. Too much blue light can damage retina cells that are light-sensitive and increasing one’s risk for macular degeneration, which can lead to blindness. Using blue light glasses helps to relieve strain on the eyes, keeping you feeling and looking better (pun-intended).

Aids in Better Sleep

As you stare into your screen, your body avoids producing natural melatonin. Thinking that your brain needs to stay on high alert to watch or work, your body keeps sleepy eyes at bay. And while you may fall asleep from simply being physically exhausted, you may not stay asleep due to that increased blue light exposure. Wearing blue light glasses while watching TV, scrolling through social media, or typing away at your computer screen can help your body both produce and retain much needed melatonin and rest.


Interested in a pair of blue light blockers of your own? Check out the Sleep Doctor Luminere Blue Light Blocking Glasses to help relieve eye strain and regulate your circadian rhythm.


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  • Light in the normal setting makes your eyes tired which is why blue light is more harmful. Hence, ensure you are wearing your blue blocker glasses at all times even during the night.

    - Daniel John

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