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Our Favorite Sleep Products on the Market Today

Our Favorite Sleep Products on the Market Today

Sleep – something nearly every human craves more of. Yet something always prevents us in getting our full 7 – 8 recommended hours, every single night. Avoid that sleep deprived feeling and get better rest tonight using our favorite sleep products on the market today.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light blockers are one of the latest fads to hit the sleep market. But more than just a fast sell, blue light blocker’s work by regulating your body’s circadian rhythm.  Circadian rhythm is the body’s natural process that regulates sleep cycle. Based on a 24-hour cycle, the circadian rhythm is largely dependent on the natural sun rise and set, biologically telling the body when to wake and sleep based on the outdoor light. But staring at screens all day can largely disrupt that rhythm, which is where blue light blocker’s come into play. The glasses help to block out the unnatural (blue) light that can confuse your body into staying awake rather than resting.

Blue light blockers help avoid the other negative side effects that blue light can have on the body. In addition to regulating the body’s circadian rhythm, blue light blockers help to increase your sleep and sleep quality. Because increased exposure to blue light before bed can decrease the body’s ability to produce melatonin, using blue light blockers will help avoid that decrease. Therefore, if you must look at your phone or computer in the two-hour timeframe before going to bed, you won’t have to miss out on much needed sleep.

Lastly, the Sleep Doctor and Science Daily suggests that there is a emerging evidence of a connection between blue light exposure and elevated risk for certain cancers, as well as diabetes and obesity. Blue light blockers can help avoid those risks by wearing during any long-term work or scroll sesh.


Sleep Sprays

One of the main reasons for not getting enough sleep for many people is the increase of stress and anxiety. Sometimes, it is just too difficult to get your brain or racing thoughts to shut down on their own. This is where the sleep spray comes in. Sprayed on the on the body, sleep sprays help to decrease anxiety by breathing in a relaxing aroma while breathing in deeply as you rest and relax into a deep sleep.

Outside of aroma sprays, there are also sprays that are taken orally such as  The Sleep Doctor’s Sleep Doctor PM. Sprayed under the tongue,  this type of sleep spray goes through the blood stream 3 – 5 times faster than other oral sleep aids. Non-habit forming, the sleep spray is healthy for those of all ages to help get better and easier rest. 


TouchPoints for Sleep

Tech wearables are a hot item on a lot of retailer shelves. But did you know there is one out there that is specifically made to help you sleep? So, while your daily device is on the charging cable, put on TouchPoints for Sleep to help you fall asleep fast and sleep soundly. Case studies have proven TouchPoints to encourage sleep within 15 minutes and show an 80% reduction in wakefulness in the middle of the night. In addition, users saw a 75% improvement in sleep onset, while also feeling more energized and happy over-all.


Unlike many sleep products on the shelf, TouchPoints is both natural and safe for your physical and mental health. A holistic approach to sleep, one does not have to worry about any habit-forming side effects nor safety concerns while using TouchPoints.  Helping users of all ages, TouchPoints are recommended for users aged 5 – 105.


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