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Confidence Dressing: How Clothing Affects the Mind

Confidence Dressing: How Clothing Affects the Mind

The clothes we wear are a statement, a reflection of yourself, and what we want to deliver to the world.

How you dress up plays a critical role in how not just the people around you but even you yourself perceive about yourself.

That being said, you must also keep up with the fashion trends and see how they’re revolving.

Standing out refers to gaining positive attention. But it mustn’t be one where one can’t help but be flabbergasted and confused with your dressing style.

The fashion upgrade

Being updated with changing styles while ensuring your wardrobe is chic yet elegant, and drool-worthy is very important. This, after all, contributes a lot to the times when you can dress and flaunt your charms with a confidence worthy of immense awe.

Even numerous surveys all concluded a real effect of apparel preferences on how we view each other and evaluate each other. Such studies also found some unexpected outcomes too!

It is also evident that how subtle variations can impact our ability to attract a partner when we date. (Ladies and gentlemen, we think we’ve really grabbed your full attention now, eh?)


The word “Enclothed Cognition” explains the impact our clothes tend to have on specific neurological mechanisms. These mechanisms can include feelings, self-evaluations, perceptions, and emotional experiences.

We, as a society, have created this perception and hence must now survive in it. Many clothing designs and different types of attires are what can be described as symbols.

These are the symbols representing different cultures and lifestyles of the same society. It is hard to trace back from where it started, but it is now engraved in our contemporary society.

We regard some clothes as necessary, some as pleasant, and so forth. We also judge individuals we only encountered based on their clothing and the situation.

It will seem that we are all judging ourselves and our positions, depending on what our outfits are at a given time. And this is regardless of the way they make you look.

This is why it’s inevitable to deny that we judge people according to their dressing. Yes, unfortunately, we agree. But it’s the bitter truth, sigh...

Let’s understand through an example.

Ever heard of the signaling principle?

It’s when a peacock might exhibit his vivid fan of hidden feathers in a dance to lure the opposite gender with whom it wishes to mate.

Um, okay, how is that connected to clothing and perception?

Well, such behaviors and actions might differ from species to species.

But, the capacity to produce and wear clothes in humans allows us to differentiate ourselves, make our personas unique from others. This distinction is what ultimately helps you when attempting to attract a partner too.

 So to speak, we can even use clothes to blend into a crowd by dressing in a way to conceal our identity. Clothes hence- what you wear- can help you disguise as well as outshine people.

Crazy no?

Buckle up, people for we shall now be learning about some ways of how clothing can affect mindsets while stating a message too.


If you work in office workspace, dressing formally makes a statement.

This is why, you my amigo, need to have good formal clothes that make you stand out and noticeable.

You must be presentable and able to carry yourself according to the work environment. This can give an amazing first impression to your seniors, upper hierarchy, and even subordinates. (You know.. that’s kind of how you can have higher chances of being promoted too!!)

Take inspiration from so many senior management and high-authority figures.

Many executives and CEOs wear good formal clothing every day to show prominence and power over their employees. It doesn’t just add to their charisma but dominance and authority to govern their organizations too.

Conclusion: Formal dressing has some crazy level of attractiveness and effectiveness in itself. Period.


Not inspired enough to work out daily?

Dress or, at least, take any of your workout wear along with you as a spare or something.

Why though?

We’re coming to that part too.

Wearing exercise wear is seen to improve the chance of you exercising on a regular basis.

It’s because wearing your fitness equipment serves as a trigger for making good choices.

And for others- the lazy ones out there (like us hehe,) putting the clothes on removes the 'dressing for exercise' step. This hence diminishes one of your never-ending excuses.

Workout attire also has its own statement of competitiveness and strength. Many sportswear companies now make informal and casual clothing to deliver the same message in daily wear too!


Sleek and sharp suits make deals happen and have you sparkle in the board meetings. Though, when it comes to socializing, you’ve got to play this part with some creativity.

Suits aren’t precisely ideal for social gatherings. Numerous studies show that people seem to be less accessible and consider it difficult to relax while wearing formal clothes. (I mean, no wonder!)

On the other side, a comfortable and friendly dress code- for socializing or even at work- makes one feel friendlier and more innovative. It’s like a breath of fresh air, away from the constricting cold, calculating, and sometimes boring formal attires.

Such results reinforce the theory of wearing corporate casuals on a Friday. Fridays are, most of the time, days reserved for colleagues and friends to let loose from the work tensions and deadlines.

Because it’s the last working day of the week, what better way than to relax and have a great time!


If someone says uniform, the chances are that the only other word that pops up in your mind is discipline. Uniforms are used where the cluster is trained or treated.

They’re designed to show the absence of difference, preference, and bias, whatever. Every individual is the same.

Many argue with the idea of uniform because it doesn’t help a person to express himself. Restricting someone’s choices on what they can be seen as limiting their choices and freedom.

Though, on the other hand, they represent unity and systematic order. This is why uniforms are quite effective and famous in fields like schools, armed forces, hospitals, etc.

Luxury goods

Most of us speak absolutely straight from our political affiliations. Yet clothes not only can influence our perceived social standing, but they can also alter our political beliefs and behaviors.

One survey even showed that people who were required to wear a Prada handbag correlated more with traditional, patriarchal ideals. Compared to this, the group given non-luxury handbags to wear had the opposite stances.

Strange how the world sometimes works, no?

Such ladies were, therefore, less inclined to necessarily support others, inclined to aid if the opposite woman’s standing changed.

The researchers believe that this may be how people deliberately tend to respond in ways that are compatible with their appearance.

Seasons and cultures

Different parts of the world have different climates. Weather and culture play significant roles when it comes to your dressing.

(Imagine wearing black leather coats in June just because they’re trendy.

Or imagine being a Korean and not wanting to wear a Hanbok on special formal family occasions.

The mere thoughts sound sort of disturbing, no?)

Hence, while we’re all for making a statement and being yourself. You must still consider the climatic and cultural aspects when planning the outfit-of-the-day too.

Size and Shape

Thanks to many awareness campaigns, it is quite vociferous that size doesn’t matter. What matters, though, is you being proud and satisfied with the amazing person you are today!

The changing and liberating mindsets have hence encouraged many clothing brands to now offer numerous sizes. Be it the plus size leather jackets for women or slim sized ones, and brands are now offering a wide range of clothes. Their target audience has now widened to help accommodate your preferences!

That being said, sadly, the ideology of perfection being in size-zero still exists in our society! People do differentiate the sizes and shapes of women.

The good thing? Change is coming, and mindsets are changing, albeit a bit slowly but surely. And you know what they say. Slow and steady wins the race!

So……. what to dress?

The idea is not what to dress, and the idea is dressing what and how you want to!

So, wear what you desire; wear it with unmatched and fierce confidence. Your personal style must flood with swoon-worthy elegance and grace.

We aren’t saying that you say goodbye to your favorite pairs of baggy or sluggish clothes. We just mean that you have binding confidence in yourself, your closet, skin color, and your style.

Glow with contentment and see wonders happen!

Final Takeaway

Ever sat and wondered why fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry?

It’s because what we wear has a vital impact on how we feel towards ourselves and others.

The next time you pick what to wear, remember to don it with confidence.

Trust your choices and instincts. Remember your essence, and keep it iconic yet snug. No fashion is ethical fashion if it doesn’t make you feel comfortable in your own bones, after all!

 And above all, make the most of the chance to have fun and add joy into your life. Self-care is a significant aspect of mental wellbeing. Seeing and feeling nice is not just a message for ads, it is a valuable dimension of the health!

*This blog post was written by Alycia Gordan. 

About Alycia Gordan:

Alycia Gordan is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on healthcare technology, fitness, and lifestyle. She is a tech junkie and divides her time between travel and writing. You can find her on Twitter: @meetalycia

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