Elevate Mindfulness with TouchPoints BLAST

Elevate Mindfulness with TouchPoints BLAST

Unlock Deeper Relaxation and Mindfulness 

About TouchPoints BLAST 

Amplify the benefits of mindfulness practices with TouchPoints BLAST. These innovative wearables have been shown to change brain wave patterns to those seen in deep meditation. The gentle vibrations provide a tangible point of focus, aiding clients in achieving a deeper state of relaxation and mindfulness. 

How TouchPoints BLAST Works 

TouchPoints BLAST utilizes advanced technology to induce a state of deep relaxation. Key features include: 
  • Brain Wave Alteration: BLAST has been designed to shift brain wave patterns, mirroring those observed during deep meditation sessions. 
  • Tactile Focus: The gentle vibrations create a tangible point of focus, guiding clients into a state of heightened mindfulness. 

Integrating with Mindfulness Practices 

1. Meditation Enhancement:

  • Incorporate TouchPoints BLAST into meditation sessions to amplify the depth of the practice. 
  • Guide clients to use BLAST as a focal point to enhance mindfulness. 
2. Stress Reduction:
  • Use BLAST as a tool to aid in stress reduction by incorporating it into relaxation techniques. 
  • Encourage clients to wear BLAST during moments of stress for an instant calming effect. 
3. Mindful Breathing:
  • Integrate BLAST with mindful breathing exercises, syncing the vibrations with the breath for a harmonious experience. 
  • Discuss and tailor the device settings to align with the pace of the client's breath. 

Research and Benefits 

TouchPoints BLAST has been the subject of research showcasing its positive impact on mindfulness and relaxation. Explore the science behind BLAST

Elevate Your Mindfulness Journey 

Ready to experience the benefits of TouchPoints BLAST in your mindfulness practices?



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