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Beat Back-to-School Jitters: How TouchPoints Can Help Students of All Ages

Beat Back-to-School Jitters: How TouchPoints Can Help Students of All Ages

The summer sun fades, and lazy days give way to busy schedules and a familiar feeling of back-to-school anxiety. It’s not just students who feel the pressure, parents and teachers often share the same worry. Back to school can be stressful and anxious for families, as posted by Psychology Today.

According to a Branly survey, 66% of students felt anxious about the upcoming school year. But don’t worry! There are ways to manage those preschool year jitters, and TouchPoints can be a powerful tool for your back-to-school kit.


Back-to-school Blues

Wonder why back-to-school anxiety is very common to almost all students of all ages? One reason is the transition from carefree summer days to controlled school routines. Younger students might worry about making new friends or be anxious about being away from their parents, as mentioned in a Child Mind Institute article.

Older students may face academic pressure, test anxiety, or school anxieties. Parents, meanwhile, juggle work schedules, extracurricular activities, and even the daily lunchboxes. Teachers are tasked with creating a stimulating environment for diverse students, all while facing their own pressures and expectations.


TouchPoints as a Tailored Approach to Anxiety Management

TouchPoints are innovative wearable devices that utilize Bilateral Alternating Somatosensory Simulation (BLAST). BLAST uses gentle vibrations to promote relaxation and focus. The science behind it involves stimulating the body’s autonomic nervous system, which helps shift the brain from “fight-or-flight” mode to a calmer state. But the beauty of TouchPoint lies in its versatility. Here’s how students of different ages can benefit:

  • Elementary School – TouchPoints can be a discreet tool for younger students to manage separation anxiety or classroom jitters. Wearing them during quiet reading or lining up can help them feel calm or focused.

  • Middle School – Social anxiety often peaks in middle school. TouchPoints can help students manage test anxiety or stressful presentations. Wearing them discreetly under clothing allows them to feel a sense of control without drawing attention.

  • High School – Academic and social pressure intensify in high school. TouchPoints can be used before and during exams to combat anxiety and improve focus. They can also help maintain concentration during challenging homework sessions.

Benefits for Parents and Teachers

Back-to-school anxiety isn’t limited to students. Parents often experience stress managing schedules, academics, and extracurricular activities. TouchPoints can help parents manage their anxieties, allowing them to be more present and supportive of their children. Similarly, teachers can use TouchPoints to manage classroom stress, promoting a more relaxed and focused learning environment for everyone.


Strategies for Success

Psychology Today says a few check-ins and planning can help ease back-to-school stressors and anxieties. Here are some additional tips and planning to use alongside TouchPoints for a smooth back-to-school transition:

  • Practice relaxation techniques – Deep breathing exercises and mindfulness practices can be powerful tools for managing anxiety.

  • Open communication Encourage children to talk about their anxieties. Talk to teachers about any concerns you have about your child.

  • Establish routines – Create a predictable bedtime routine and morning schedule to ease the transition into school days.

Remember, you’re not alone! Back-to-school anxiety is a shared experience. By incorporating TouchPoints into your back-to-school wellness kit, you can encourage students of all ages to conquer their anxieties and set themselves up for a successful and stress-free school year.

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