Greg’s Story: “TouchPoints EMDR Buzzers Have Been Absolutely Vital and Intricate into My Daily Life”

Greg’s Story: “TouchPoints EMDR Buzzers Have Been Absolutely Vital and Intricate into My Daily Life”

Greg’s Story: “TouchPoints EMDR Buzzers Have Been Absolutely Vital and Intricate into My Daily Life”

In honor of Memorial Day, we’d like to highlight a TouchPoint customer by the name of Greg. Greg is a veteran who was deployed twice to Iraq and three times to Afghanistan. He’s helped manage the Ebola crisis and even helped build West Africa's first carbon negative power grid. As a soldier, Greg started using TouchPoints bilateral stimulation devices for job-related stress, but he now uses them for every day, mundane issues.

Listen to his TouchPoints tactile pulsers story and read the transcript of his interview below:

"A little context about myself, is I’m a veteran, I’ve got two deployments to Iraq and three to Afghanistan. I responded to Ebola, the Ebola crisis a couple of years ago. And, I helped build West Africa’s first carbon negative power grid. So, I have this kind of like stressful job, and I’ve always sought stress inoculation from the Serin Center with Dr. Serin. So, I was one of the early adopters of the Bi-Lateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile, the BLAST, which TouchPoints [tapper tools] are a vehicle for administering. And, it started out with obviously stressful situations dealing with work, and now I’ve evolved to a point where I’m using TouchPoints [bilateral stimulation devices] for mundane everyday things. So, I’ve come to find that things like procrastination before a workout or a run, if I feel like I don’t want to go, I’ll use TouchPoints [EMDR pulsers] to put myself in the right mentality and move forward. Sending emails, I’m a writer as well, and it’s hard for me sometimes to put my mind on paper and then press that out. You know, that anxiety, that inhibition to hit send on certain emails is something that TouchPoints [EMDR buzzers] help alleviate, and I’m able to act faster. So, you know, I’ve been exploring stress inoculation through Dr. Serin’s methods, and TouchPoints [EMDR equipment] have been absolutely vital and intricate into my daily life and performance. 

I use TouchPoints [bilateral stimulation devices] in the morning when I wake up and I get ready, it’s one of those times when nobody is really around, you know, I put my TouchPoints [EMDR pulsers] on. I use them before hitting send on important emails, I use them when I talk to my boss, and then I try to use them when I go to bed as a way to try to lower my stress level to enhance sleep.

The interesting part is that I’ve been able to start projecting out. So, there’s been times where I haven’t had my TouchPoints [EMDR pulsers], and I get an upsetting email, or you know, a phone call or something, and I can then go 'If I had my TouchPoints [tapper tools] on, how would I see this?' So, the TouchPoints [EMDR pulsers] have helped me identify where fear comes from and how that affects my thinking. There has been a fundamental and dynamic shift in how I view problems because of prolonged use of TouchPoints [EMDR equipment]."

It’s important that we always recognize and respect the service of those like Greg who’ve put their lives on the line to keep us safe. Make sure to acknowledge a veteran of service member today and act by expressing your gratitude in whichever manner has meaning for you!

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