Beat Holiday Stress Before It Beats You

Beat Holiday Stress Before It Beats You

‘Tis the season for… holiday stress? At a time of year when people are spreading joy, love, and peace on earth, stress should be the last thing weighing on your mind. If you want to make the most of the holidays, it’s important to find ways to combat your stress instead of letting it consume you. One solution: a wearable stress relief device.


What Makes the Holidays So Stressful?

Seasonal depression is real, and there are many potential causes. For some, much of their stress comes from money. Buying gifts for children and loved ones is expensive, and this year it’s only gotten worse. Supply chains are causing shortages of in-demand items, leading to hoarding and price spikes. Money can cause extra stress if you’re facing job loss and other financial ailments on top of having to buy gifts.

For others, stress comes because of change. Those who have lost loved ones are more likely to experience holiday depression. They no longer have the special people in their lives to share in the season, which can make this time of year lose its luster.

Last but not least, the general hustle and bustle of the season can make anyone want to pull out their hair. Having places to be at certain times and cramming in lots of visits with family and friends can be hectic, even though it’s supposed to feel joyous. Cooking and cleaning for lots of people can also wear you down, especially if you’re having to spend your time doing these things instead of making quality time for the people you’re serving.


Wearable Stress Relief Device for Holiday Cheer

At Touchpoint, we help our users destress naturally with our patented wearable stress relief devices. Specially designed to connect with your body’s natural touchpoints, the devices send gentle vibrations into your skin and throughout your body. Within just 30 seconds, users feel as much as a 74% decrease in stress levels and a restored sense of focus and well-being. What’s more, our users typically fall asleep faster and wake up 80% less during the night, allowing you to get more restful sleep and feel your best.


During the holidays, there’s never been a better time to find effective ways to de-stress. Wearing TouchPoints during the day can help you feel calm when irritating situations arise. Place one in your pocket or sock, wear it on your wrist or belt, or tuck one under your bra strap or undershirt. The vibrations remind you to pause, breathe, and release while you’re busy preparing for your holiday festivities.



Stress relief device to improve sleepAnd when nighttime comes, wearing your TouchPoints can help your body relax. Wear your TouchPoints during the evening hours as you unwind from the day’s events. Unclench your jaw and fists, relax your back and neck muscles, and give your “fight or flight” system a much-deserved break. By the time you’re ready for bed, your body will be in a much more comfortable state so you can drift off to dreamland.

Combat Holiday Stress and Win

Holiday stress happens to even the most upbeat person. Don’t feel ashamed if this season is taking a toll on you and your normally sunny disposition. The best approach is to start combatting stress before it steals your joy and takes control.

Know someone who struggles with stress? Check out our 2021 Stress Relief Gift Guide and gift the gift of calm this year.

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