Keeping Calm, and Stress-Free, All Year Long

Keeping Calm, and Stress-Free, All Year Long

Keeping Calm, and Stress-Free, All Year Long

It’s easy to have a calm demeanor when surrounded by sunshine and warm weather. When the temperatures start to drop and the sun sets earlier every day, is when it becomes harder to keep calm and relieve stress, especially if you or a loved one has a behavioral disorder. To help keep positive during the dark, cold months, look towards natural ADHD, stress and anxiety treatment.


Getting a good night’s sleep is highly important all year round. The general rule is to get as close to a full eight hours as possible so you can wake up feeling recharged and ready to take on the day. If you’re not able to accomplish this and are looking for how to reduce this common ADHD symptom, look for a new mattress. Having an older mattress is one of the biggest reasons for tossing and turning, so replacing it with a new version is an easy and natural treatment of ADHD through sleep is possible.


Adding some structure can make certain tasks easier to get through, especially when you have something fun to look forward to after. This tip is particularly helpful if you or your loved one with ADHD need help studying. Getting a planner is the first step, since having important tasks written out will help to prioritize them. From there you can decide how much time you should allot to what you need to get done. Just be sure to add a fun reward to give extra incentive to complete these tasks!


Taking time to practice self-care is an easy and natural way to help reduce ADHD symptoms. Not only will this practice help you or your loved one focus on an activity, but it will also help with relaxation and calmness. Instead of splurging on an expensive day at the spa, use tips and tricks to create a DIY at-home spa. Taking one day a week for self-care, pampering, and total relaxation can make a world of difference mentally and spiritually, especially when there’s a blizzard outside.


Being stuck inside because of frigid temperatures is the perfect way to make use of downtime by picking up a new hobby. Ones that will serve as treatment of ADHD are good places to start. Look for hobbies that require concentration, like knitting, or something that requires physical exertion indoors, like yoga or kickboxing. There are plenty of hobbies and activities that can help reduce ADHD for you or your loved one, just find the one that works for each individual.


When it comes to ADHD treatments, you’re doing what you can to keep you or your loved one calm and stress-free. Feelings of stress and anxiety will increase as we lose daylight and approach the holiday season, especially if crowds are a particular issue or trigger. Holistic treatment for ADHD can include the use of calming essential oils, like lavender, throughout your home. You can also use TouchPoints for calm as a natural remedy if you find yourself in a stressful situation to help invoke a sense of calmness over your body. 

While it is common for ADHD treatments to include some form of medication, trying a natural remedy first or in addition to what your doctor recommends can help you to make progress. These natural and holistic solutions can make it so you can rely less on medicinal solutions, thus lessening any side effects you may experience. As we approach daylight savings and continually lose minutes, and ultimately hours, of daylight, be prepared for how it can negatively impact your mood, stress and anxiety levels. Instead of letting it get to you, turn toward these natural ways to keep calm and stress-free all year long.


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