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Taking Lean In A Step Further: What If You Didn’t Feel The Fear?

Taking Lean In A Step Further: What If You Didn’t Feel The Fear?

In Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg asks a question that spawned an inspirational movement of people publicly declaring their fear-less ambitions. “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Without fear as a barrier, setting new goals and attempting new things to live into your best life might be your new normal.  And while consciously trying to overcome fear can certainly propel people into taking positive action, what happens when your brain generates fear and you can’t consciously control it?  Your fear centers are more primitive and more powerful than your thinking brain.  How many times have you found yourself saying “I know I shouldn’t be afraid, but…” your heart is pounding and your body starts down the fight/flight/freeze continuum (F3). Your thoughts, deep breaths, and other methods aren’t powerful enough to shut it off. 

I’d like to advance Sandberg’s paradigm and ask - what if you really didn’t feel the fear? Our brains are designed to get us to avoid fearful things to keep us out of danger but we also feel fear and avoid taking risks even when something isn’t physically dangerous. Forcing ourselves to go against this feeling can be difficult.  Most of us have declared ambitions only to avoid and procrastinate because the fear becomes overwhelming and we can’t seem to overcome it. 

Now, what if you could use applied neuroscience to not go into the F3 response.  You would be more likely to try out for the play, have the difficult conversation with your boss, ask your crush out on a date, finish that project and send it in, start a new company, write or speak your truth without hesitation, and make your bucket list dreams come true. What other fear-less ambitions would you achieve?

Neuroscience has shown that using bi-lateral alternating stimulation (BLAST) technology in TouchPoints can reduce 74% of stress in 30 seconds and alter the brain’s fear response. Consider combining the Lean In principles with BLAST technology and let us know what you accomplish!

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