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The Health and Wellness Trends to Know About for 2023

The Health and Wellness Trends to Know About for 2023

The health and wellness industry is on track to have a fantastic 2023 as health continues to top the list of priorities for so many after the Covid-19 pandemic. Gyms, spas, and fitness centers no longer only focus on building muscles or workouts for weight loss, but now are engaged in a holistic approach that places mental and physical well-being on par. You can’t have one without the other and rightly so.


Awareness of the importance of mental well-being increased after the numerous lockdowns, travel restrictions, and viral variants that plagued us during Covid. It’s clear how a nutritious diet, exercise, and attitude can improve daily life while being overworked or overstressed is no longer acceptable. Our self-care is no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity, and it isn’t relegated to a vacation.


Wellness has increasingly become a part of our weekly, if not daily routine. So here is what’s trending in 2023 to keep us healthy, happy, and feeling good.


1. Mini Workouts

Finding an hour or more during the day for a workout is challenging if not impossible, but mini-workouts can be a solution if you are pinched for time. 15 minutes twice daily for five days a week is much more manageable. Moderate exercise activity during these breaks can benefit health and mental well-being and at the end of the week add up to an impressive 150 minutes of exercise. This doesn’t require changing into gym clothes either. Programming a quick walk, forgoing the car for your feet, a bike ride, or even household chores will do the trick.


2. Taking a Spa Day

Imagine taking a spa day in the middle of the week. Using the facilities for an afternoon rather than just scheduling a massage during lunchtime. A Jacuzzi visit, a massage, a Turkish bath, and a sauna followed by a cold shower and a mocktail. Spas may also add on extras like facials, waxing, yoga, cryotherapy, and now even use curated spa music that’s scientifically proven to help you relax. Have a big presentation, meeting, or deadline to respect? Spending a day at the spa can easily set the tone for the rest of the week.


3. Digital Detoxification

There’s more to detoxification than staying well-hydrated and sweating it out in a sauna - most people could do with taking a variety of detox action - devices included. Looking at a computer, tablet, or smartphone screen all day long will take its toll. Expect 2023 to see an increase in digital detox after an increase in screen time during Covid-19. Enjoying a pause from the grid or taking a break from social media is essential to contrasting dependency and reducing constant stimulation.


4. Sleep Syncing

Sleep syncing involves adjusting your sleep to your circadian rhythm or internal rhythm that will regulate an individual waking and sleeping cycle every 24 hours. Creating a regular sleep schedule for retiring and waking up and maintaining it even on weekends will result in better sleep with positive influences on energy and health. Circadian menus should follow with lighter late-afternoon meals rather than heavy evening dining.


5. Cold Water Treatments

Immersion in cold water is commonly used by athletes to aid in muscle recovery and contrast soreness, and now it’s going mainstream. From dips in natural bodies of water to swimming pools or just a cold shower, cold water immersion is on the rise.


Research indicates that cold water therapy may boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and contrast depression. Several kinds of wellness treatments such as facials or massages now integrate cold temperatures.


6. Face Yoga

You may have tried yoga for the body and spirit, but have you tried it specifically for your face? Exercises and massages are used to stimulate the skin, muscles, and lymphatic system to relax the face and the signs of stress and tension. Have a headache or stress at work? Face yoga may be the solution.


7. Gut Health

Digestive tract issues are on the rise thanks to increased stress levels and toxicity in general, so expect gut health to gain lots of attention in 2023. Often referred to as a second brain, the gut contains roughly 100 million neurons and produces more serotonin than the brain itself. So, paying more attention to what we ingest and how it affects the rest of the body will increase in importance.


8. Matcha and Not Mocha

Thinking about kicking the caffeine habit? You’re not alone. Expect to see more people drinking this Japanese green super tea instead of a morning coffee. Energizing and healthy, unlike coffee it does not cause an increase in cortisol levels. Whereas the coffee buzz lasts about two hours, Matcha can give you from four to six hours of energy lessening the risk of a crash. Even better, matcha contains lots of antioxidants that boost the immune system.


9. Wellness Technology

2023 should introduce a wealth of tech devices and apps for self-care right at home. Once upon a time, you had to get a doctor’s appointment, now self-monitoring has changed all that. Self-care through the use of apps and digital health platforms translates into results being more precise and more rapid. Along with new apps and platforms, 2023 should bring new tech home products like lasers, light therapy machines, and facial tools so that wellness begins at home.

10. Stress Wearables

TouchPoint Solution Stress Wearables One of the emerging trends in wellness technology for 2023 is the use of TouchPoint Solution stress wearables. These innovative devices are designed to provide relief from stress and anxiety through the use of gentle vibrations. By targeting specific pressure points on the body, TouchPoint wearables can help individuals relax and find a sense of calm amidst the daily pressures of life. Whether it's a busy workday, a challenging presentation, or a stressful commute, these stress wearables can be worn discreetly and offer on-the-go stress management. With the growing awareness of mental well-being and the importance of stress reduction, TouchPoint Solution stress wearables are set to make a significant impact in the health and wellness industry in 2023. 



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