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Unsung Heroes: How Matt Helps First Responders De-stress After Work

Unsung Heroes: How Matt Helps First Responders De-stress After Work

First responders such as firefighters, cops, and paramedics are the backbones of our society, facing danger head-on to keep the community safe. But their job comes at a cost. Daily exposure to trauma, violence, and death can leave a mark, making it hard to switch off work and unwind at home.

Until Matt Domyancic, a medically retired officer on a mission, decided to dedicate his life to helping them. Having served in patrol, Peer Support, SWAT, and as a police academy instructor, Matt understands the challenges first responders face firsthand.

Taking Off the Armor: Matt's Daily Routine

Matt proposes a simple yet powerful technique – the "armor-down routine." It's all about distinguishing the calmness of home from the intensity of work and promoting mindfulness and reflection to process emotions and develop coping mechanisms.

Here's how it works:
  • Silent Drive: Take some time to allow thoughts and feelings to come up during the drive home.
  • Mindfulness: Reflect on the interactions or anything that triggers a negative emotion after a shift. This helps develop coping mechanisms.

These might seem like small steps, but they make a big difference in managing stress and developing healthy relationships at home.

Want to be a hero to support a hero? Donate to Matt's non-profit here.

Technology as a Hero: TouchPoints

Aside from supporting first responders in their daily de-stressing by doing these small steps, Matt also incorporates TouchPoints multiple times into his daily routine.

TouchPoint offers a passive, non-invasive solution to help address the impact of stress on first responders. The patented BLAST technology has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Matt has utilized TouchPoints in different ways, once every morning, right before bed, and it has helped him a lot, especially when he feels triggered.

First responders and veteran organizations can join our 60-day Demo Program and get 50% off a set of TouchPoints to try.

Let's take care of those who take care of us. Together, we can help first responders shed the armor and find some well-deserved peace after a long shift.

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