Can Meditation Cure Anxiety? TouchPoints vs. Muse

Can Meditation Cure Anxiety? TouchPoints vs. Muse

With the new year just around the corner, many of us are already planning our resolutions for 2018. While we always tell ourselves that this will be the year we get in shape, get more sleep, reduce our stress, etc., we often fall short due to lack of time and motivation. However, TouchPoints could be your solution to finally sticking to those resolutions this year.

While many people turn to meditation to help anxiety or meditation for insomnia due to its overall calming effect, it's no secret that it can be time consuming and not for everyone. Many products that claim to facilitate good meditation techniques, such as Muse, promise relaxation, reduced stress, and improved mood, but often fall short when users are tight on time or fail to learn the technique correctly. Additionally, Muse is not ideal for busy students and working professionals because it's inconvenient and must be worn around the user's head. However, unlike Muse, TouchPoints are noninvasive wearable devices that can be worn discreetly either in pockets or as wristbands.

TouchPoints use BLAST technology to alter the body’s Fight, Flight or Freeze (F3) response to anxiety, making them effective stress management devices. In fact, users of all ages have reported a reduction in stress in as little as 30 seconds! These wearable devices also have several different vibration presets, providing users with many of the same benefits of meditation, such as improved sleep quality, performance, and focus, as well as a reduction in anger, cravings, and stress - all without the need to learn a technique or give up any time throughout the day.

TouchPoints can be used while performing other tasks throughout the day, making them effective stress relieving products for people of all ages. Additionally, when worn for just 5 minutes a day, users with conditions such as Parkinson’s, Autism, and ADHD have also reported a reduction in symptoms.


To learn more about how TouchPoints can help reduce your stress symptoms, click here.

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