Parenting Tips: Home Remedies Can Do More Than You Think

Parenting Tips: Home Remedies Can Do More Than You Think

Not many people enjoy visiting the doctor. But when health challenges require medical attention it’s even more stressful for families who deal with anxiety, autism or other conditions that make an unfamiliar environment something that’s best avoided.

Of course, you can’t necessarily avoid doctors altogether, but if you need to manage a health condition until your child feels up to going to the experts, we may have some good news. Below you’ll find a list of effective — and safe — remedies for various conditions.

Try them out and let us know how it worked for you.


A nosebleed can happen so easily when children play. Unfortunately, seeing blood pouring out of their face can upset both you and your child, right? Going to the doctor in that emotional state is sure to make the situation even worse, especially because crying tends to worsen the bleeding.

To treat the nosebleed yourself — or simply help your child calm down before you go for tests at the ER — use ice and cayenne pepper. Simply place a dish towel with ice on the nose because the low temperature will constrict the blood vessels. Dab some cayenne pepper on the inside of the nose; don’t worry, this doesn’t really sting so it won’t aggravate the situation. It WILL help blood clot though.

Nasty Coughs

A cough can be worrying, but remember that children are also resilient. Perhaps they just need some soothing remedies while their bodies fight back. You have a few options, so chances are you’ll find something in your pantry to help this situation, such as rose hip that’s often found in teas or honey mixed with lemon. You can also create a saline mist by placing some salt in the bath and running the shower hot; you and your child can sit in the bathroom until the cough clears up and your child feels calm instead of fighting for each breath.

Treating Bug Bites and Skin Conditions

Another common occurrence with children is bug bites, especially if they like being outdoors. Don’t let it spoil their activities: add some baking soda to water until you have a thick paste. Rub this onto the itching skin and let it dry. Baking soda will counter the swelling.

And even if your child has very dry skin you don’t necessarily have to spend money on expensive ointments. Bathe your child in a bath where you mixed oats into the water, or simply rub honey onto the dry areas. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of these two foods, your child’s skin will feel much better, preventing excessive scratching until you can see an expert if necessary.

Stomach Cramps or Body Pain

A cramping tummy or general pain in the limbs can be anything from indigestion to parents requiring the advice of Seattle pain relief experts. So yes, you may have to visit the doctor eventually. But help your child calm down first by numbing that nagging pain.

Simply fill a sock they’re familiar with uncooked rice. Place it in the microwave for 60 seconds and then let your child press it where it hurts. The warmth will soothe them so that if the pain doesn’t dissipate they’ll be less anxious when you drive to the hospital.

Last Words

If you’ve come across an effective treatment method that doesn’t require a prescription and is safe for any parent to try at home, share your thoughts with us.

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